Green transformation providing sustainable solution to recycle waste residue into critical materials
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Uniquely positioned to address key National Security concern around Rare Earth Elements
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New business in Southeastern Louisiana with 200+ new direct jobs & nearly 600 additional indirect jobs
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Game-changing green transformation of bauxite residue

  • Conversion of industrial byproducts to commercially viable & valuable materials
  • Rare Earth Elements and base metals are all above ground – no additional mining, transportation or other invasive environmental requirements
  • Carbon footprint reduction and zero residue process, no landfill waste
  • Recycling a residue into a resource & reclaiming land
  • An innovative solution to mounting environmental concerns around aluminum production waste


Helps solve major national security supply exposure

  • Sustainable source of materials for clean energy technology & critical defense applications
  • Establishes US Rare Earth Element source in a world +90% reliant on China for sourcing
  • Uniquely positioned to meet domestic Rare Earth’s shortage challenge
  • Rare Earths continue to be top of mind for US government with Presidential Determinations and Executive Orders announced July 2019, October 2020 and February 2021
  • Provider of critical materials for Green Technologies, including batteries, magnets, refining catalysts, aircraft engines, electric vehicles, and medical scanning equipment

Source: USGS Rare Earth Element Mineral Deposits in the United States, U.S. Department of the Interior U.S. Geological Survey, Circular 1454, Version 1.1, April 2019


Provides for green jobs and economic growth

  • Expected to provide 200+ ongoing highly skilled green jobs and nearly 600 indirect jobs
  • Plant construction, operations and eventual expansion phases will result in more employment opportunities
  • Increases the long-term sustainability of the only remaining alumina refinery in the United States
  • Further benefiting the logistics assets and economy of Southeast Louisiana and Lower Mississippi River
  • Potential to increase attraction of other related green businesses to the region

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